Stephen is a proven leader in school communications and public relations. He has a passion for serving students of color and diverse backgrounds, and he has the vision to help public school systems make that transition. As an association, we need to reflect the diversity that exists in our schools. We need to proactively identify and promote professionals of color within our ranks. Stephen will be a brilliant president for all members, and NSPRA will be leading the way among professional associations on the critical issues that we are facing in our school systems. It's simple: Stephen is the right person with the right message at the right time

Ray Weikal
Public Relations & Marketing Manager, Kansas City Public Schools, Missouri

I believe Stephen Nichols is absolutely the right leader at the right time as NSPRA is poised on the precipice of major changes — helping members face the challenges of confronting and communicating about systemic racism, pandemic disease, funding crises, and the economic pain facing so many students and families, as well as the challenge of moving NSPRA forward under a new Executive Director. He is one of our profession’s brightest stars, a strategic communicator as well as a smart business mind, both invaluable assets for a non-profit association. I enthusiastically support him in his candidacy for NSPRA President-elect!

Karen H. Kleinz
APR former NSPRA Associate Director 1998-2018, Maryland

It is my honor to endorse Stephen Nichols for the position of NSPRA President. His knowledge, experience, and leadership skills position him to perform the duties of President at the highest level. NSPRA would be well-led and well-served by this accomplished school PR professional.

Jacqueline Price
NSPRA Past President, California

Stephen’s intelligence, demeanor, drive, and vision position him as a prime candidate for NSPRA’s next president. As NSPRA continues its forward trajectory - seeking new ways of multi-faceted engagement - I cannot think of any better candidate for president than Stephen Nichols

Jason Gaston
APR, Hoover City Schools, Alabama

It is a real honor for me to endorse Stephen Nichols for NSPRA President-Elect. His passion for NSPRA, school communications and for school public relations officials is limitless. Our national organization will find no better person to lead us during a time of great change and uncertainty

Libby Roof
Chief Communications Officer, Richland School District Two

Stephen has the ability to communicate with a wide variety people of all backgrounds, race and ethnicity. He treats everyone fairly and has worked hard to perfect his craft by working in a variety of communication platforms

Earl Dotson Jr
APR, Chief Communications Officer, Rockford Public Schools, Illinois

I know that Stephen can elevate the profession of school public relations, because I am in the unique position of having experienced it firsthand: In 2014, I was his successor in leading PR efforts at the Folsom Cordova Unified School District, a growing suburban school system of 21,000 kids near California’s capital. What I inherited was a strategic communication infrastructure and seat at the Cabinet table that had evolved far beyond its “public information officer” roots - no tall order in a district where the necessity for this function was not always easily embraced or understood

Daniel Thigpen
Director of Communications, California Department of Education

Stephen would make an amazing president-elect for NSPRA. I met him in February at the TSPRA conference for the first time and he truly made an impact on my life, just from our brief encounter. He is a fellow HBCU graduate; Howard University to be exact. He has a vast background in school public relations that has spanned over a decade. He has a positive attitude and the experience that is needed to lead an organization such as this. I have no doubt if he is elected that we will see an increase in membership, especially amongst the fresh-out-college crowd. A vote for Stephen is a vote for the future of this organization

Kristyn Cathey
Media Communications Specialist, Port Arthur ISD, Texas

Stephen would make a great president - elect because he is bright, responsive, knowledgeable, and understands how to serve others while also empowering and building others capacities! He has a genuine care about people and strives to serve others in ways that will support students and organizations!

District Superintendent
San Francisco Bay Area, California

It is not often you meet a person with the level of commitment, responsibility, dedication and drive embodied in Stephen Nichols. He is a tireless advocate for equity, public education and data-driven school communication practices. He is also a proven leader, serving on both the NSPRA Executive Board and on the CalSPRA Board. I'm confident Stephen will hit the ground running the moment he enters office. I endorse his candidacy for NSPRA President-Elect without reservations.

Tove Tupper
Assistant Director of Communications, Highline Public Schools, and President-Elect of WSPRA, Washington

Stephen has proven he is a good leader in various positions he has served in both CalSPRA and NSPRA, in addition to his professional job experiences. He has also been a steward of diversity and inclusion and has an innate ability to bring people together and create action. In 2020, there is no better candidate for NSPRA President than Stephen Nichols

Kindra Britt
Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of California

With over 13 years of experience, Stephen is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of public relations and education policy. He’s very well spoken and will tell you like it is whether positive or negative, yet in a professional and kind manner. I would definitely recommend Stephen for president-elect.

LaToya Jones
Small Business Owner, California